Sustainable activism is at the heart of what we chew. We believe establishing a positive world culture is everybody's responsibility, so we're proud to partner with the New Road School to empower teens and young adults with physical, developmental and social disabilities. 

New Road's Career Transition program engages students emotionally and kinetically to help expand their capacity for self motivation and independent living. No other educational approach has proven more effective than learning by doing, so we welcome their support and praise NRS as our leading fulfillment center.

As stickergum's pack expands, we'll continue to embrace diversity in the workplace and provide our New Road family with meaningful opportunities and gainful employment in an inclusive environment, free from harassment and discrimination. (Hi Frank! Hi Snowball!)

charitable giving

stickergum is committed to being a not-JUST-for-profit entity and is structuring a focused giving plan--we're excited to share our philanthropic efforts with you as we grow! In the meantime, non-profit organizations customizing stickergum to raise mission awareness will receive a 20% #kisscut. 

Oh, and fuck cancer. 

Ever talk to Mother Earth? Prolly not. She's got no voice.

Chicle is a gift from the Mayan culture and the activity of extracting chicle sap from the Sapodilla tree is a completely sustainable and ecological process born inside the jungles of Central America.

Our premium chew is made from this all natural wonder ensuring our bubbles are 100% biodegradable; and while we have you--jsyk--our note paper is recycled, our single use packaging compostable and our stickers printed using the latest in eco-friendly technology. 

We got our girl.