family pack

stickergum is the brain child of ruby and esme madia who were bang'n their heads together to come up with a kid-friendly way to raise awareness for charity: water-- this edible artwork turned fundraising enterprise has now evolved into a grassroots, parent-led passion project. 

as their mom and voice, i'm self proclaiming stickergum a whimsical twist on word of mouth communication.

our bubble gum stickers, note-cards and party favors are custom designed to connect people with the communities, missions and milestones that capture their hearts; in a modern society where technology is swiping the human touch, there's no sweeter way to pop culture.

sustainable activism

sustainable activism is at the heart of what we chew. we believe creating a culture of equality and inclusion is our social responsibility, so we're proud to partner with the new road school to empower teens with learning and developmental disabilities. 

new road's career transition program focuses on preparing students for real life-- for the responsibilities, community involvement and practical situations they’ll encounter as adults. no other educational approach has proven more effective than learning by doing, so we praise nrs our leading fulfillment center and welcome their support hand packing stickergum with love. hi frank! hi snowball!

more to chew on

halle madia side-hustles stickergum while bleeding out for her brand crush in nyc and raising her daughters unapologetically from a three-seater on nj transit. her best melissa oversees daily operations with a loyal pack of sister wives who won't let this bubble burst; they're powered by mike madia and spotify.

wait, also

ever wonder why starbucks chose a twin-tailed mermaid as their logo? us too.

stickergum’s skull was designed to symbolize that regardless of whether you're black, white, (or any color on the rainbow!) underneath we’re all the same.

we crushed this twinning game, no??

oh, and fuck cancer