yup. our premium chew is made with all natural chicle harvested sustainably in the rain forests of central america and then proudly customized in the usa. oh, and since our gum base is derived from an all natural source, it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, plastics, rubber, white glue, or petrol-based polymers (gross!) found in most conventional chewing gum. stickergum is super sweet and rocks killer bubbles. 

think fan favorite juicy fruit meets iconic bazooka-- they have a baby-- and it sleeps through the night.

oh please-- you know you've always been curious. stickergum is printed on all natural wafer paper and customized with fda approved edible ink. when you chew it, the novelty paper disappears! we haven't mastered the spitball tho, so please stay tuned...


shop stickergum minimums:
bubble gum stickers: 25 per design
bubble gum swaks: 4 packs per design
bubble gum notes: 4 notes (create a box set with any 4 designs!)

custom stickergum: 
bubble gum stickers: 30 per design with or without vinyl stickers
bubble gum swaks: 24 per design with vinyl stickers. 6 per design without
bubble gum notes: 24 per design with vinyl stickers. 6 per design without

please swing by here with wholesale, partnership and special event inquiries so we can sweet talk.

stickergum is committed to being a not-just-for-profit entity and is structuring a focused giving plan; we can't wait to share our philanthropic efforts with you as we grow! in the meantime, if you're raising awareness or fundraising for a non-profit organization, inquire here about our courtesy code sticktogether to receive a juicy #kisscut. nice to meet you. we're bleeding hearts too. 

shop stickergum:
website orders are processed within 72 hours and shipped via usps priority mail. complete turn around time will depend on volume, seasonality and delivery location.

custom stickergum:
each piece of custom stickergum is made to order and packaged fresh, so try and give us a shout out at least 3 weeks in advance of your drop dead delivery date. if you're laughing right now because you're not the type to plan ahead for anything, place your order as soon as possible and we'll do our very best to hustle your last minute deadline.

custom artwork

don't be scared. this section just has a lot of words. uploading artwork through the site is super easy and we promise to let you know if your design isn’t clear, or if we're experiencing trouble with your bubble for any reason.

jpgs, pngs and vectors are our preferred file formats and minimum resolutions of at least 300 dpi are highly recommended.

can I use any image I want? hmmm. sticky question. 

no, but really. you can use any image you want i.e. personal photography, graphics, business logos and original artwork in color or black and white, if you own the artwork or have permission to use it via a license. stickergum does not claim ownership of any copyrights, trademarks, characters, personalities, or images used in customization. they are solely owned by their respective holders. we do not print copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise protected material without permission, nor indecent images. by placing an order with us, you're guaranteeing that you own or have permission to use the image(s) and that any images you submit will not violate any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, or right of publicity of others.

can the artwork on my gum be different than the artwork on my sticker? yup. themes are hot. feel free to print a secret message, juicy announcement, redemption barcode, photo, contact info or any related image and/or text on your sticker to compliment your chew. your edible artwork and your vinyl sticker artwork do not need to match exactly.

sticky note: because we use edible ink for our bubble gum images and latex ink for our vinyl stickers, we can't guarantee exact color matches between your artwork and bubble gum, or your bubble gum and stickers. please review terms of use for more info.

this is the thing-- all colors contained within any rgb digital file will be converted to cmyk color space, which may cause the rgb colors to visually change due to color space differences. and your computer monitor's calibration also affects the colors displayed on your screen. when uploading your artwork through the site you'll visually see a proof, but it'll only present the design layout, text accuracy, image proportion and placement--not the exact color or density. if your order is color critical, we strongly suggests you place a minimum bubble gum sticker order prior to placing a larger order to make sure we're still friends. see terms of use for more details.

all the things

artwork may start to fade if left in direct sunlight. don't plan on chewing your stickergum right away? store it in a cool dark place to maximize freshness and minimize swipe-ability. 

bubble gum stickers: each piece is individually packaged inside a clear 2' resealable envelope. the bubble gum is visible through the front of the package and the vinyl sticker is layered inside not visible as a surprise and delight. sticky note: gum and stickers are divided by a silver foil lining with ingredients provided on back panel.

bubble gum swak-packs: 9 pieces packaged together inside a clear 4' resealable envelope. the bubble gum is visible through the front of the package and the jumbo sticker is visible through the flip side. sticky note: bubble gum is backed to a silver foil lining and a stickergum branded insert is included with ingredients provided.

bubble gum note-cards: can you say duh-lux? how do you not order these?! 9 pieces packaged together with a flat 4' note-card and jumbo glossy sticker, all captured inside a clear folded resealable envelope. sticky note: the vinyl sticker sits to the left of the blank note-card, visible as a surprise and delight when the card is opened. bubble gum is back to a silver foil lining with ingredients provided on back panel of outer packaging.

our shipping and delivery responsibility is limited to preparing your order and completing delivery to the selected delivery service. (we base our delivery times on the shipping methods and policies supplied by the services used.)

since stickergum is perishable, we only offer transit options through fedx and usps priority mail, which both provide guaranteed shipping dates and tracking. that said, we can't personally guarantee the carriers will deliver your order by a requested date.

so-- we won't be liable for performance failures and delivery delays-- but we'll cross our fingers and braid our hair that your stickergum arrives on time. and for what it's worth, we haven't been late to a party yet!

when you purchase a digital gift card, you'll receive a shareable email with redemption code. quick. easy. and always sweeeeet.

custom cancellations: oh no! we hope everything's ok. if you need to cancel last minute, (any later than 24 hours from the time your order was placed) there will be a cancellation fee of 25%. subsequently, if you place the same order within 3 days, the 25% cancellation fee will be applied to your new order. fair??

shop returns: each piece of chew is made to order and packaged fresh, so we're unable to accept returns. that said, we'll never take your business for granted. if stickergum bursts your bubble for any reason, please email us @stickysituations and we'll get you unstuck.